2015 Cake Trends

As wedding cake styles continue to change, 2015 presents a range of cake trends that will give couples the opportunity to express themselves, making the wedding cake a focal part of the wedding.

Sugar Flowers – whether one statement flower or various flowers, buds, leaves or berries are used, sugar flowers can be made in any colour, shape or size. Sugar flowers can make a cake look modern and sophisticated to soft and romantic.   Options are endless, as a bride is not restricted by flower seasons or availability.

Edible Lace – incorporating fabric and lace details onto your cake, adds that intricate detail, reminiscent of the brides dress and embellishments.

 Ruffles and Frills – add texture and interest to your cake design with ruffles or softer frills but still keeping it elegant and unique.

Metallics – adding accents of metallics to cakes with gold or silver leaf, sheens, airbrushed sugar flowers or edible sequins gives an opulent stylised glam feel to your cake.

Buttercream Cakes – new techniques now allow for texture, patterns and colours to be achieved using buttercream for a more relaxed cake design.

Hand-painted cakes – hand painted details on cakes is a fast growing trend and allows the cake decorator to showcase their artistic flair with inspiration from the clients theme and colour scheme.

Cake Trios – why have one cake when you can have three, allowing another visually stunning display at your wedding. Incorporate similar designs, colours and textures through the design of the cakes.

White on White – using white designs and embellishments on an all white cake will ensure a sophisticated and elegant feel. Combining different shaped tiers of the cake can be used to add interest and uniqueness. Add a modern flair to the cake by adding a monochrome colour such as black or grey.

Chalkboard Cakes – the newest trend to cakes. Add a fun relaxed feel to your cake by adding a graffiti style or personal vows and messages.

Personalised cakes – Personalise your cake to represent your personalities as a couple. Add quirky elements to the cake such as personalised cake toppers and don’t feel the need to have to stick to upcoming cake trends. Have fun and enjoy the process of cake designing.