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If you love baking or crafting confectionary goods, we are here for you. Whether online or in our store, we offer a variety of baking and cake decorating supplies — anything you need to get started! Cake baking and decorating do not need to be difficult, but you do need the right tools to do it well. Our shop offers supplies ranging from pre-mixes to molds to edible prints. Whatever you plan to make, we have the supplies for you! Do not hesitate to ask us about any of the products we offer. As experienced individuals in the confectionery industry, we are more than happy to help answer any of your questions about the products we offer or assist you in finding the perfect one to meet your needs!

Please note the products on our website are just a portion of our range as we are constantly getting new stock. Please visit our Retail Store to view our full range or contact us if you are looking anything specific.

Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique
Door 58
Northlands Décor Park
New Market Road
North Riding


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